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Virtual Conference 2020 // Gender Economics

With roughly 4,000 personal and institutional members, the Verein für Socialpolitik is one of the largest professional economics associations in Europe. Members hail from all over the world; more than 2,000 are young academic scholars, and 1,200 are university professors from over 20 different countries, primarily from the German-speaking countries- Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Due to growing concerns about COVID-19, VfS Annual Conference will cancel its physical conference at the University of Cologne, instead shifting to a fully virtual conference.

We look forward to the new challenge of bringing together your research papers, experts on the core topic, colleagues and interested listeners for the first time on a virtual conference platform. Even though we will miss the personal encounter, there is still the possibility to talk and network via chat rooms.

The conference will still take place between 27-30 September, as these are the dates people have allocated to attend the conference. We expect most participants will still commit their time during this window to participate in the conference, and have discussions with fellow researchers around the world. The registration fee will be substantially reduced to 80€/40€ for VfS members and 137€/72€ for new members. Conference registration will still be required for all attendees and speakers. We consider the current circumstances as an opportunity to innovate an engaging virtual conference that will be rewarding for both presenters and attendees. We plan to livestream our keynotes and sessions that we anticipate having the most conversation around. All participants must register for VfS Annual Conference to gain access to the virtual meeting rooms. Only individuals with confirmed registration will be able to view presentations.

By participating in the conference you agree to the use of the digital infrastructure (conference platform) and the associated online webinar software.

Please check the website at or on twitter @VfS_econ for regular updates.

The Annual Conference of the Verein für Socialpolitik consists a core conference with invited lectures and an Open Meeting which reflects the entire spectrum of current economic research. With the core topic "Gender Economics. Gender Studies in the Economic Sciences", the annual conference of the VfS 2020 is dedicated to a highly relevant social and political topic. In addition to the presentation of gender differences in various economically relevant areas, such as educational and labour market successes, the discussion of causes and the development of innovative measures to reduce existing gender imbalances will play a central role.