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Core Conference

Gender differences are pervasive across all economic contexts. Wages and career paths differ strongly between men and women. Their choices and preferences differ, too. A large set of recent studies has set out to explore the causes and consequences of such gender differences. What is the effect of institutions such as tax regimes and childcare facilities on the labor market outcomes of men and women? What roles do social norms and gender stereotypes play? How do choices and outcomes within the household interact with choices and outcomes in the market? What policies are effective in enhancing the professional success of women?

Three keynotes by leading international scholars will provide insights into these questions and give an overview of current research. Raquel Fernandez (New York University) will present a macroeconomic perspective on gender issues, including cultural effects and gender norms. Muriel Niederle (Stanford University) is an expert on behavioral causes of gender differences and will analyze how institutional settings can moderate their effects. Manuel Bagues (Warwick) will discuss a body of work on the consequences of gender quotas for economic outcomes. A panel discussion with politicians, entrepreneurs, and researchers will ask what measures are effective in achieving gender equality.    

Chair of the Core Conference: Dorothea Kübler (WZB & TU Berlin)